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Multi Slide

Multi Slide

Introducing our newest module : Multi Slide.

Multi Slide is is an AJAX driven module that can display your newest Virtuemart items and your best sellers. The module uses AJAX to switch between tabs so you get a smooth refreshless transition from one tab to another. You can also use it for K2. With K2 it will show the newest items and the most viewed items. As with all of our modules, we try to give you lots and lots of options, so there are many parameters. This way you can style the module to match any site and really fine tune the look. You can turn just about everything on or off, set your colors, number of products and lots more. You can also use more than 1 module on the same page. You can see this module in action above and to your left. Look at the below graphic to see just how many option you have!


Multi Slide is a commercial module and it is included for FREE with your purchase of Enviro!


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